Don’t make time for those that don’t have time for you. Communication is a two way street, if you’re always the one fighting for their attention, perhaps it’s best to move on.



From time to time you get it right, but you also get a lot of weird sizes and miss matches and sometimes you have to return the item!
Think of all the hassle of finding the right shoe for a formal occasion, and compare the experience of doing it at a shop in person vs online shopping.
This is online dating VS meeting people in person simply put.


People are always so afraid of bringing up issues in their relationships out of fear that they’ll ‘rock the boat’, or because they’re so afraid of what the response might be.

They then brush away their problems in a hope that they’ll magically sort themselves out.

Well, guess what?


Whether you’ve just started dating someone or you’ve been with them for years, you have to learn to EXPRESS YOURSELF!

Hoping and waiting for someone to read your mind is fucking stupid.

If you don’t work out your insecurities before you jump in to a relationship, they is bound to spread and poison even the very best. That’s why I always tell people to work on themselves first.

Hi! I’m a girl on Tinder!

My profile has a bunch of pictures of me and my friends so you won’t know which one is me.

I like headshots, so they help you guess if I have legs.

My interest are really interesting things like food – I bet you never had that before!

It’s important I let you know that i “like my friends”… but of course, if i didn’t like them, they would not be my friends.

I did a yoga pose once and took a photo for proof.

I also went to an exotic location and casually looked at the floor like I lost something and touched my hair, and also took a photo.

I liked you for your picture of that puppy.

If i super liked you, it was probably by mistake.

I dont know what im looking for, but i know what i dont want “noooooo fuckkkk booyysss”.

The best thing about being a nerd is that sometimes you get to say phrases like you would only hear in a movie… except for real.And you mean them.

I just said this to someone.

“If you are ever down in Mandurah with an army… let me know.

Leverage your relationships.

If you are a friend, then start from there.

No need to worry about being in the friend zone, just work from there.

It’s better than starting from scratch.