If you don’t work out your insecurities before you jump in to a relationship, they is bound to spread and poison even the very best. That’s why I always tell people to work on themselves first.


Hi! I’m a girl on Tinder!

My profile has a bunch of pictures of me and my friends so you won’t know which one is me.

I like headshots, so they help you guess if I have legs.

My interest are really interesting things like food – I bet you never had that before!

It’s important I let you know that i “like my friends”… but of course, if i didn’t like them, they would not be my friends.

I did a yoga pose once and took a photo for proof.

I also went to an exotic location and casually looked at the floor like I lost something and touched my hair, and also took a photo.

I liked you for your picture of that puppy.

If i super liked you, it was probably by mistake.

I dont know what im looking for, but i know what i dont want “noooooo fuckkkk booyysss”.

The best thing about being a nerd is that sometimes you get to say phrases like you would only hear in a movie… except for real.And you mean them.

I just said this to someone.

“If you are ever down in Mandurah with an army… let me know.

Leverage your relationships.

If you are a friend, then start from there.

No need to worry about being in the friend zone, just work from there.

It’s better than starting from scratch.

One of the first questions I always ask people, is “what is your desire?”

Is it your desire for anything, a conversation, or something deeper like love.

Sometimes the desire is just to give, but it’s still a desire and that’s worth remembering.

We need a sense of direction and desires gives us that.


In a conversation this morning, I was discussing why a female was struggling with dating.

She told me “Men aren’t into larger women.”

She stated she had lost 60 lb, but that with no success still, she had given up, and even shared, “Maybe I’m too picky.”

When I began asking questions, this stance quickly fell apart and morphed into, “Well I’m shy. My last relationship was traumatic. I’m scared to get out there.”

What YOU can learn from this, is that in order to change the results in your life, you FIRST need to identify the cause.

If you BS yourself, you’re not going to get anywhere, because you’re making up false reasons for your results.

What you need to do to obtain improvements in your results, is first be honest with yourself about how you got here.

THEN things can begin down the path of change towards better results.

Observation from years working with clients:

A totally “hopeless” feeling about your love life can be turned around within a SINGLE DAY by meeting just one great person.

That’s why keeping your sense of optimism is so important.